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In January of 2012, two summoners set out to change the standard of conduct and level of play in League of Legends and recorded the first episode of Low Elo, an online radio show covering game play, tactics and sportsmanship in League of Legends. Jeff and Dave, the founders and hosts of the Low Elo podcast, have been working ever since creating content and cultivating a community of summoners that above all value fun, good sportsmanship and constant learning while competing with one another on the fields of justice.

When a fan emailed the Low Elo Podcast asking how he could get experience commentating games their answer was simple; the community would love to help. That summoner took it upon himself to organize games in the LowElo chat room through the League of Legends client and streamed those games on his own account and before there were even ten viewers a special place was opened up at lowelo.com to feature his efforts.

Today, the Low Elo Community Stream features regular streamed community events including 5v5 drafts, custom games like ARAM and Low Elo's own All Random All Zeal (ARAZ) format, and the documented efforts of fans to improve their ranked elo rating. Our regular casters include Mister Hotcha, Teemo Tactics and IceDarkKnight with frequent appearance from Low Elo founders EatCrayons and Compy386 and a growing cast of enthusiastic, new esports commentators picked from the Low Elo community.

Summoners of all skill levels are welcome to join Low Elo as viewers and as participants on the stream where they'll experience playing with the most helpful and inclusive summoners that the League of Legends has to offer. It's the mission of Low Elo to offer the very best to everyone and to always Stay Classy.


Monday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM  Streamer's Choice
Tuesday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Streamer's Choice 
Wednesday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Community Casted 5v5
Thursday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Streamer's Choice 
Friday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Streamer's Choice 
Saturday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Community Casted 5v5
Sunday 4PM - 9PM 7PM - 12AM Streamer's Choice