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After having broken my neck February 1, 2008 by falling 18 feet from a tree, I became paralyzed from my nipples down. This includes half my wrists, all of my fingers, and my triceps. The three vertebrae I shattered, for those of you familiar with spinal cord injuries, include C5, C6, and C7- C6 was the most damaged. Post-rehab (5 months later), I returned to school to complete the 11th and 12th grades in one school year. I, then, went on to study biotechnology at the local community college, where I remain, but do not intend on graduating from. Being in the hospital gave me a lot of time to think, a little more than I needed. Not being able to communicate with my lack of movement, or ability to speak (breathing tubes), gave me a different perspective on the world, one which I hope to share with anyone and everyone I can. I reflected on the life I pursued before my accident, and the one I would now begin. Before, I'd dedicated countless hours to the strength and agility of my body with hopes of joining the military; now, that could not be my path. My path had been changed, and I realized that life is worth something greater. I have forever loved video games. They have been a solace for me throughout years of boarding school and trying times, now they are my hobby for sure, especially league. My goal at this point is to help other people who have encountered unfortunate experiences and need an outlet like me. I am willing to talk, teach, travel and learn from anyone, anywhere at anytime. People who lose their body to disease or injury all have their own stories, I want them all to have games, they will know hard times and have all of my respect, I simply hope to ease the pain with some good times. I wish I could have gamed in the hospital.. so much downtime, but I was told I never would be able to, not even a mention of competition. I felt obliged to prove them wrong. I love all of the support everyone has given to me and other disabled gamers. I love all you guys.


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