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Guardsman Bob


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Guardsman Bob

Guardsman Bob is a league of legends player from the little country of Denmark. Guardsman bob plays everyone from jungler to support, though he considers solo laning his strength, and while he is far from the best player, he can often be found in the top 200 on the EUW ladder.

There wont be any dubsteb or techno found on guardsman bobs stream, and the chat has only 1 rule: be nice or be quiet! So hop on it and enjoy the community!

There is no scheduled FAQ times because guardsman bob answers questions all the time!






(GMT - UK)




14 – xx

Solo Queuing for macho men, If you still think Barbie girl is a kids toy, mahna mahna is what ryze builds and you haven’t lived la vida loca, then welcome to the spacejam!



12 – xx

Bob playing solo queue, with commentary, and answering questions from chat.



12 – xx

Schnappi you are a pirate so everyone walk the dinosaur on warwick avenue, because you can’t stop the crockodile rock.

Champion focus day, I try to play 1 (or a few) champions in as amny games as possible to demonstrate different approaches to the laning and jungling phase depending on how the enemy team.



xx – 15

warm-up solo queue games before  play with bob




Play with bob, your chance to paly in a premade with me, players randomly selected in chat, instructions available on the day.



12 – xx

Why is aegis so good, and should you always max Q first? .. Beyond my normal commentary I try to also provide a more introductory commentary on the champions I play.



12 – xx

Bob playing solo queue, with commentary, and answering questions from chat.



12 – xx

Experimental theme day, content may change from week to week.