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Hello Summoners! My name is Cody Sigfusson aka Crs Elementz and I've been playing League of Legends professionally for around two and half years now. The first team I was on was the original Team Solo Mid aka AoN (All Or Nothing) with ReginaId and a few others. I then played for Counter Logic Gaming as an AP Carry / Bruiser player for a while and then moved into the Support role. I've been playing Support for about a year and a half. I now play on Team Curse as the Support Player with my AD Carry Crs Cop. I've traveled all around the world to compete in events playing League of Legends and I hope to continue doing this for a long time :D

I created the website www.reignofgaming.net where you can find a great amount of knowledge about the theory-crafting side of LoL amongst other helpful tips, tricks, and patch notes from the public test realm. My biggest claim to fame would be my tier lists ranking the champions on their weaknesses and strengths and placing them into tiers accordingly! Even if you disagree with them remember it's just an opinion and to take them with a grain of salt :p

In competitive play I main Support but in Solo Queue I'll play anything so feel free to suggest a role for me to play and maybe you'll be lucky enough to see me play it for you :p Feel free to ask questions about me or the game and I'll try my best to respond quickly to you. I hope you'll enjoy the stream!


Monday 2PM - 10PM 5PM - 1AM Games!
Tuesday 2PM - 10PM 5PM - 1AM Games!
Wednesday 2PM - 10PM 5PM - 1AM Games!
Thursday 2PM - 10PM 5PM - 1AM Games!
Friday 2PM - 10PM 5PM - 1AM Games!
Saturday TBD TBD Games!
Sunday TBD TBD Games!