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On September 26th, 2011 Riot released a new map that brought a refreshing twist to the MOBA genre, Dominion. Less than a month after its release, was founded by TheFeedski; an avid Dominion player and supporter. With the intention to search for others that took the map seriously, it began primarily as a forum for easy communication. Once the community matured and established the current meta, we formed the belief that there is spot in Esports for Dominion. We added a guide section so players could share their successful builds, a live stream section so others could watch Dominion and learn how it's played, and are now currently hosting the only weekly Dominion tournaments in North-America. The games are shoutcasted and streamed every week, and the best part is, it's free to enter! We are constantly adding new features and aim to provide Dominion players with the best resources and knowledge to dominate Dominion.


Monday 10am - 4pm 1pm - 7pm  Onisnake in Solo Q Dominion
Tuesday 11am - 5pm 2pm - 8pm Nekrogen in Solo Q Dominion 
Wednesday 4pm - 9pm 7pm - 12pm nyx87 in Solo Q Dominion 
Thursday     TBA
Friday     TBA
Saturday 5pm - ? 8pm - ? Dominate Dominion Weekly Tournament 
Sunday  6pm - 12am  9pm - 3am Captnbuwberry in Solo Q Dominion