Riot World Invitational

The Riot World Invitational

Welcome to the home page for the Riot World Invitational Tournament, site of the ultimate throw-down between Riot Games’ best players and the elite of the League of Legends community.

Riot Games flew five of the best players from around the world to Las Vegas, Nevada to take on the five best Rioters: Classick, Jatt, Milkcow, Statikk, and Roku. The two sides will play two games – both produced exclusively by Riot – to determine whether Riot really has what it takes to beat its pro players. David “Phreak” Turley and Rivington the Third shoutcast and the games are available on video on demand. If you want to see how Riot fares against the best players in the world, you’re in the right place!

Stephen Ellis
Chen Hui Chung
Ranged DPS
Jinxi Yu
Mid Lane
Ha Un Yoon
Top Lane
Cody Sigfusson