Preseason - Masteries


We were extremely pleased with Season Two, but we think there’s room to make the League of Legends metagame even better. As we head into the preseason, we’re rolling out some big changes to items, the jungle, summoner spells, and masteries all aimed at providing you with more strategic options and an even greater roster of champions across all roles. This will be an iterative process, and we’ll be making changes and incorporating your feedback throughout the preseason, but here’s a preview of what’s to come.

Introduction (Masteries)

This preseason we’re making changes to masteries that are aimed at providing you with more options at each tier. Overall, we think these changes will allow you to customize your champion to suit your playstyle. Roll over any of the icons below to see a detailed tooltip explaining the bonuses they provide and check out some of the abilities we’ve highlighted below.

Offensive Masteries

While the Offense tree has changed the least, there are a few new additions to check out.

Defensive Masteries

We’ve refocused the Defense tree to lower the overall stat bonuses, while providing more specialized alternatives.

Utility Masteries

We retooled the Utility tree to make it more impactful for champion in all roles, including supports.


Frenzy grants your champion some bonus attack speed for a short duration after scoring a critical strike.


By stacking AP, this new mastery adds more punch to each basic attack.

Reinforced Armor

Reinforced Armor will help you stay in the fight by mitigating the damage of incoming critical strikes.


Safeguard reduces the damage you take from turrets, helping early aggression even near enemy towers.


This reduces your Item cooldowns by as much as 15%, synergizing with the new active items you’ll find in the shop.


Now you can earn gold per attack versus enemy champions, giving more incentive to harass opponents in lane to a wider range of champions.

Summoner Spell Changes

We’re looking to open up new combinations of summoner spells on the Fields of Justice. The revisions to the existing roster will allow you to better customize your spells.

Revised Summoner Spells

Seven spells have seen changes in order to allow for new combinations that we think will add strategic depth and more options for players to choose from.

Removed Summoner Spells

We removed these two summoner spells from Summoner’s Rift, and an effect similar to Promote is now available as an Item.


A potent and popular spell from the Proving Grounds, Barrier has been rebalanced for use on Summoner’s Rift.

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