Preseason - Jungle


We were extremely pleased with Season Two, but we think there’s room to make the League of Legends metagame even better. As we head into the preseason, we’re rolling out some big changes to items, the jungle, summoner spells, and masteries all aimed at providing you with more strategic options and an even greater roster of champions across all roles. This will be an iterative process, and we’ll be making changes and incorporating your feedback throughout the preseason, but here’s a preview of what’s to come.


We’re making changes to the Season Three Jungle to increase jungler diversity, reduce the pressure on early game lanes, and give junglers a greater presence in team fights.

In Season Two, the most desirable junglers had high area-of-effect damage, late game utility, and ganking presence. For Season Three, we want to open up the playing field to allow champions with other strengths to share the spotlight. By redistributing the total hit points in the wolf, golem, and wraith camps to favor the large monster, we’re making it easier for single-target champions to keep up with their AoE counterparts.

Similarly, fast-clearing junglers were able to pour on the pressure early in the game with constant ganking. To combat this clear-and-gank rhythm, jungle monsters now gain health and damage at a more aggressive pace as the game progresses. Similarly, the gold and experience rewards also increase at a faster rate. This forces junglers to make a strategic decision between applying pressure to the lane and spending their time and health farming these more valuable monsters.

These changes should provide a larger roster of viable junglers, along with a greater range of strategic options through all phases of the game.

Early Game

Early on, junglers will have to balance the risk of ganking against the greater gold and experience available to them by farming the new, more powerful jungle camps.

Mid Game

The improved rewards from the neutral monster camps offer junglers the option to farm up and utilize powerful new items to really shine in the mid game.

Late Game

With improved rewards, new items, and rebalanced jungle camps, more junglers will be able to scale effectively into the late game and have a greater impact in team fights.

New Jungle Itemization

In the preseason, we’re adding new items to the shop, including a few powerful additions to the jungler’s arsenal.

Spirit Stones

These four all-new items are optimized for play in the jungle and all build into potent items that allow for a smooth transition from fast jungling into team fights as the game progresses.

Hunter's Machete

The Hunter’s Machete reduces your clear time by offering extra damage to monsters early in your build. You can also upgrade this item to some old jungle standbys: Madred’s Razor and Wriggle’s Lantern.

Still have questions about the Season Three jungle changes? Visit our forums to find out more about specific changes and what they mean to the competition in the new season.

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