Preseason - Intro


We were extremely pleased with Season Two, but we think there’s room to make the League of Legends metagame even better. As we head into the preseason, we’re rolling out some big changes to items, the jungle, summoner spells, and masteries all aimed at providing you with more strategic options and an even greater roster of champions across all roles. This will be an iterative process, and we’ll be making changes and incorporating your feedback throughout the preseason, but here’s a preview of what’s to come.


Many of you have been asking for more flexible item builds, so this preseason we’re updating the League of Legends arsenal with more options. This includes new items and more upgrade paths for your build later in the game. These new items should help you tailor your build to suit your playstyle, and provide more opportunities to counter the enemy team with targeted buys. Read More


We’re making changes to the jungle to ease some of the early game pressure, provide a larger roster of viable junglers, and open new strategic options throughout the game. You’ll find tougher large monsters in each of the camps and increased rewards for farming the jungle in this preseason. Read More

Masteries & Summoner Spells

The preseason will bring sweeping changes to masteries. Specifically, we’re improving the Utility tree masteries, reducing the availability of early game resistance stats, offering more interesting options, and providing more choices at each level of the trees. We’re also diversifying the summoner spell selection to ensure that each spell has a distinct, targeted role to fill. Read More

Still have questions about the preseason? You can find out more about the upcoming patch in the Preseason FAQ.