Welcome to the Collegiate Program

Welcome to the Collegiate Program

We’re here to help college and university students find fellow summoners on campus and form League of Legends clubs that build lasting relationships between new players and pros alike. If your school doesn’t already have a club, we’re here to help you build one!

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What is the Collegiate Program?

The Collegiate Program will help you either find a League of Legends club in your area or create a new one if none are present. If you're an organizer looking to start your own club, we're here to help. We’ve got a lot of free stuff, tools, and a support system, to help you get started and overcome any challenges you may face. Running a club isn't easy, but creating a League of Legends community that's open to players of all skill levels is a really rewarding experience.

If you have any questions, please check out our community-run sub-reddit or email collegiate@riotgames.com

Create a club

Creating your own League of Legends club is no small task, but we’ve got the resources to help. With diligence, dedication and the support of other collegiate organizers across the globe, you’ll have all the resources you need to build a community of friendly League of Legends players. To get started, sign up on the site to receive an application to officially register your club with Riot Games. If we approve your application, you’ll receive a series of challenges to help you get your club running. We like to reward perseverance here, so completing your challenges will also earn you some free stuff.

But before you get started, search for a club at your school first. We're currently recognizing at most three clubs per school, so consider joining the other summoners at your school first!

First Steps

Registering your club is just the first step toward building a League of Legends community at your school. Once you fill out the sign-up form, you’ll receive your first challenge to complete. This challenge kick-starts an organized, eventful community and nets you some kickass t-shirts for your club organizers. Learning from this challenge helps you create awesome community experiences with like-minded players and grow your club to colossal proportions.

Benefit to Players

Creating a League of Legends club at your college isn’t just about avoiding solo-queue. You’ll establish a community of like-minded players and build lasting friendships that go beyond your time on the Fields of Justice. With a club that’s open to a wide spectrum of players, pros will help usher new players through the first few games. Experienced players will also exchange tips and strategies and meet new competition. Through the program you can also earn some pretty awesome awards.