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Texas eSports Association

Texas e-Sports Association (TeSPA) is one of the largest and most ambitious competitive gaming collegiate organizations in the world.

Founded in August 2010, TeSPA aims to bring together competitive gamers of all backgrounds to play, improve, and compete. TeSPA was originally started to bring together the StarCraft II players at the University of Texas at Austin to participate in the Collegiate StarLeague, a nation wide university StarCraft II League. Since then, TeSPA has expanded to include gamers of all genres including League of Legends.

Today, Texas e-Sports Association is a statewide organization with collegiate branches at eight different universities. The organization aims to facilitate grassroots growth at each local chapter by sharing resources and knowledge as well as providing technical, promotional, and sponsor support for local e-sports events. TeSPA aims to build a strong network of capable e-sports communities around the state wherein passionate regional leaders are able to share their experiences, work together, and fundamentally redefine what collegiate groups are capable of achieving.

Each Texas e-Sports Association branch regularly hosts large LAN events in which members come together and play their favorite console and PC games. From Rock Band to Call of Duty, novice and master alike come together to enjoy the simple act of gaming. TeSPA frequently hosts Fighting Game, League of Legends, and StarCraft II tournaments at LAN events.

Perhaps what TeSPA is most well known for outside of the Texas community is the League of Legends & StarCraft II tournaments it eagerly hosts. Through these tournaments, TeSPA has gained worldwide attention and a reputation for quality and professionalism in event hosting. Texas e-Sports Association’s most recent event, Lone Star Clash 2, consisted of three parallel tournaments: a professional 4 team League of Legends invitational, the first ever live collegiate final 4 for IvyLoL, and a 16 play professional StarCraft II invitational with a combined prize pool of $35,000. The event attracted 36 professional players from over 16 countries, over 1000 in-person spectators from over 40 different universities, and over 4 million online viewers. From the exceptional production quality to the fine attention to detail, TeSPA’s events stand out as some of the most professional and entertaining across the nation and beyond.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Texas e-Sports Association, connect with your local regional chapter by visiting their community page. Most chapters host regular general meetings where they discuss the latest news in e-sports, engage in interactive social activities, and allow members the opportunity to introduce the newest games they are into. Community pages feature news from each region, a calendar of upcoming events, galleries from prior events, and general information about how to get involved. Notable statewide events and news updates are showcased on the homepage.

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