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Social Gaming Club

The Social Gaming Club was founded on the idea that any sort of gamer can come and play whatever they want, however they want, and find similarly-minded individuals to play with. Originally primarily a Nintendo-based club, SGC has since expanded to other consoles, card games, as well as PC games such as League of Legends. Come hang out with us and participate in our competitive League of Legends group, or partake in our massive video game and card game library. Our club is so large and so diverse that not only will you find other summoners at SGC, you will find other summoners that also share a lot of your other interests. Even if you don't want to devote a lot of time to a club, we run several tournaments every year for the benefit of the greater gaming community at UIUC, with League of Legends being one of our flagship tournaments.

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If your college doesn't yet have a League of Legends club, you just might be the organizer to start one. Before forming a club, be forewarned that it’s a serious commitment that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re serious, we think you’ll find running a League of Legends club a highly rewarding experience

Bear in mind that some other organizer from your school may have already have an application in progress. If we receive a number of applicants from the same institution we’ll do our best to connect you so you can pool your efforts.

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Once you complete your application, you will be linked to The Structure Challenge, which will walk you through the first steps of creating your club's structure. Successful completion of this challenge is required before your club is official recognized and appears in the Collegiate Program registry.

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