The University of British Columbia - Vancouver

UBC eSports Association

UBC eSports is a well established non-profit student club centralized around University of British Columbia and Vancouver, but anyone is welcome to join!

We are home to Aui_2000 (Dota2) and Crumbz (LoL) from Team Dignitas.

Our collegiate teams have consistently placed Top 10 in SC2, Dota2, and LoL collegiate leagues.

Having successfully organized at least 35 events in the past, we continue to frequently host social, casual, and competitive events such as: tournaments, mentorships, viewing events, giveaways, and creative contests.

Don't see your club?

If your college doesn't yet have a League of Legends club, you just might be the organizer to start one. Before forming a club, be forewarned that it’s a serious commitment that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re serious, we think you’ll find running a League of Legends club a highly rewarding experience

Bear in mind that some other organizer from your school may have already have an application in progress. If we receive a number of applicants from the same institution we’ll do our best to connect you so you can pool your efforts.

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Once you complete your application, you will be linked to The Structure Challenge, which will walk you through the first steps of creating your club's structure. Successful completion of this challenge is required before your club is official recognized and appears in the Collegiate Program registry.

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