OGN League of Legends Champions

OGN LoL Champions, Korea’s most-watched eSports tournament, hosted by OnGameNet, is back this winter with more competitive League of Legends action. Twelve teams battle throughout OGN’s Champions Winter 2012 – 2013 season for their share of more than $240,000 and glory as the newest OGN League of Legends Champions.

OGN hosts the weekly battles every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday through February 2.

Tune in every Wednesday and Friday at 02:30 AM Pacific or Saturday at 02:00 AM Pacific to watch some of the best Korean teams duke it out of the Fields of Justice.

For more information about the competitive series, you can check out OGN’s Twitch channel. There you’ll find the complete broadcast schedule, English Live Stream, list of participating teams, and more!

If you missed any of the action from previous weeks, check out OGN’s Twitch Channel for full VODS of the matches or their YouTube Channel for Weekly Top 5 Plays.

Major League Gaming (MLG) – League of Legends Championship Series Online Qualifier

With the League of Legends Championship Series (NA, EUW, EUNE) fast approaching, MLG hosts a 32-team tournament that sends three teams to the North American Season 3 Qualifier in Los Angeles. A total of 16 teams will compete in LA for one of five slots in the upcoming professional circuit.

Tune in to MLG’s broadcast to witness three teams claim their spots in the Season 3 North American Qualifier that takes place in the City of Angels. You can find more information about the Season 3 Online Qualifiers on MLG’s website. See below for the complete broadcast schedule.

Broadcast ScheduleBroadcast airs at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) at http://www.twitch.tv/mlglol

  • Thursday, 12/20
  • Friday, 12/21

Winner of each day advances to the Season 3 North American Qualifiers in Los Angeles.

IGN Pro League (IPL) – Season 3 Qualifier Tournament

We’ve got a full weekend with all the action-packed, back-to-back tournaments, and the competitions are far from over as the Season 3 Qualifier Tournament hosted by IPL comes to a close. The last two teams standing will earn spots in the North American Season 3 Qualifier in Los Angeles, where they’ll battle against fourteen other contenders for one of five spots in the Season 3 Championship Series.

As IPL’s qualifier nears a close, check out the competition on IPL’s Twitch channel to see who takes the title and secures their tickets to LA. See below for the complete broadcast schedule:

ScheduleSee IPL’s website for broadcast air times

  • Tuesday, 12/18
  • Wednesday, 12/19
  • Thursday, 12/20