A lot’s been happening this past week in the world of League of Legends eSports. From a few roster changes on some of your favorite teams to a last minute double-forfeiture during the IEM Kiev Qualifiers, there’s certainly a lot of hustle and bustle going on in the Challenger Circuit.

Roster Changes on CLG and Curse Gaming

This week two North American powerhouse teams changed up their rosters. Curse Gaming lost one of their starting five, Attack Damage carry player Doublelift, to longtime rival Counter Logic Gaming. CLG meanwhile has continued to wage their own internal struggle, benching founding member and longtime support player Elementz and juggling Chauster, their former Attack Damage carry, into his place to make room for Doublelift.

IEM Kiev Qualifier Double Forfeit

Equally shocking was the result of the second round of the North American qualifier for IEM Kiev. During the 3rd place round both Epik and Curse Gaming withdrew from the tournament, leaving the admins to decide the 2nd and 3rd place qualifiers for IEM Kiev. In the end, the standings broke down to Dignitas, Curse, and Epik earning the top three places respectively. It’s been speculated that the motivation for both teams’ decision to forfeit had to do with the seeding of Counter Logic Gaming in the Kiev bracket. Since the 2nd place seed from the qualifier would have to face these perennial champions, both teams made a bid to avoid facing this heavily favored team in the first round. Whatever their reasoning, it was Curse that wound up pulling the short straw by a random decision.

IEM Kiev Qualifiers almost here

With Intel Extreme Masters Kiev representing the final opportunity to qualify for the IEM World Championship in Hannover, the competition is sure to be fierce. While numerous European Teams (as well as the up and coming Chinese team World Elite) have already qualified, Team Solo Mid and Counter Logic Gaming remain the only North American teams assured a spot at the finals. And with $100,000 USD and the title of IEM World Champion on the line, this is should prove to be a high-adrenaline event as the remaining teams do battle over the remaining positions in the finals. Be sure to watch the North American IEM Kiev Qualifier this weekend at the NESL website!

German ESL Pro League Finals this weekend

If you’re in the mood to take in a bit of German culture, the ESL Pro League finals are also slated to take place this weekend. Featuring the top German League of Legends teams this exciting event sports a 3.500 € grand prize. And while it includes a few long time championship contenders such as and Alternate, the formerly unknown ACER may be the team to watch this tournament. Don’t miss your chance to catch these up and comers before they break into the Challenger Circuit. Casting will be available in both German and English, with the ESL’s Joe Miller and Deman handling the English stream while Riot Games’ own Daniel ‘Zenon the Stoic’ Klien provides commentary in German. Be sure to check back here for information on where to watch.