Interested in competing professionally in Season 3? Then form your ranked 5v5 teams soon, because any teams created after the December 14th deadline will be ineligible to compete (no exceptions)! For more information on the Season 3 Path to Pro, head over here for the details in NA, EUW, EUNE.

But that’s not the only way for your team to potentially compete on the world stage and become a full-time League of Legends professional. Online tournaments hosted by IPL, ESL, MLG and Dreamhack all grant a slot in the live qualifiers to their winners.

Two upcoming tournaments, hosted by ESL and IPL, are still open for new teams. The ESL EUW and ESL EUNE tournaments on December 10th will each send its winner, and IPL Online beginning December 12th will send two victorious teams, so sign up now to compete!

For more information on the rules of the tournaments, click their respective names. Good luck in your quest to go pro in Season 3!

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