With the IntelEM World Championship on the books, it’s time for another issue of Power Rankings, presented by Average Gatsby. Just like last issue, we’ve chosen to include both Challenger Circuit teams and up-and-coming teams in our top eight of Europe.

Since the IntelEM World Championship was the largest tournament since the Season One Championship, the rankings are most heavily weighted around the results of teams in that tournament.

1. Moscow Five

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: 1st (800 Points)
  • Recent Challenger Circuit Result: 1st at IntelEM World Championship

After their undefeated run at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, there is almost no question that Moscow Five is the best League of Legends team in the world right now. Their already impressive play improved immensely after Kiev, and they proved able to run multiple strategies during Hanover with near flawless execution. With a 16 to 1 win rate at Challenger Circuit events, Moscow Five has proven that they deserve to be number one in the standings.

2. Against All Authority

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: 5th (100 Points)
  • Recent Challenger Circuit Result: 4th at IntelEM World Championship
  • Notable Prized Event: 1st in the HearToWin Cup, 2nd in the IPL 4 qualifier

If Moscow Five are the new kings of LAN events, Against All Authority are quickly becoming the masters of online play. They’ve been consistently placing well in online events since IntelEM Kiev and have continued to show dominance after Hanover. At the IntelEM World Championship, aAa was the second highest placing team European team behind Moscow Five.

3. Counter Logic Gaming (Europe)

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: Unranked
  • Notable Prized Event: Round of Eight HearToWin Cup

Counter Logic Gaming has had mixed success since their victory during the Kings of Europe tournament. Narrowly defeated by Against All Authority in the IPL 4 qualifier, the team will have to wait a bit longer to prove themselves at a Challenger Circuit event.

4. SK Gaming

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: 2nd (310 Points)
  • Recent Challenger Circuit Result: 5th at IntelEM World Championship

SK Gaming continues to be a competitor both online and offline. Having secured their line-up for the first time in months, the team was able to boot camp in the SK offices before the IntelEM World Championship, ultimately taking 5th place -- the third best finish for a European team in the tournament.

5. Absolute Legends

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: Unranked
  • Notable Prized Event: 2nd HearToWin Cup

Absolute Legends continues to do well online, yet has not been able to qualify for a Challenger Circuit event. Their second place finish at the HearToWin cup proves they can compete with and defeat some of the best teams in Europe.

6. Sypher

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: 4th (110 Points)
  • Recent Challenger Circuit Result: Group Stage Elimination at IntelEM World Championship

Though Sypher was unable to make it out of the group stage at the IntelEM World Championship, the team has acquired a wealth of offline experience at New York, Kiev, and Hanover. Their recent line-up change may prove to be the right call in the long run.

7. Mousesports

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: Unranked
  • Notable Prized Event: 4th HearToWin Cup

Formerly known as “For Mother Russia,” Mousesports may be the next Russian juggernaut that European teams need to contend with.

8. FnaticRaidCall

  • Challenger Circuit Rank: 3rd (260 Points)
  • Recent Challenger Circuit Result: Group Stage Elimination at IntelEM World Championship

The Season One Champions had some stand out performances at the IntelEM World Championship, and their game vs. Dignitas will go down as one of the most memorable of the event. With the team off to Korea for two months to compete in the Champions league, we’ll see how they improve while living and playing together.

Honorable Mentions:

Na’Vi: Formerly known as MyBoys, Na’Vi is a recently formed team that has been performing well online in Go4LoL and other prized events.

Western Wolves: After taking third in the HearToWin Cup, Western Wolves might be on the verge of a major breakout victory.

We’ll be back next week with another issue of Power Rankings featuring North America’s best teams. Don’t forget to tune into the next Challenger Circuit event, IPL 4, starting April 6th.

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