With the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship starting March 6th, we wanted to give competitive League of Legends fans a brief overview of the teams playing in the event. We’ve tracked down each team’s roster and the roles each player performs so you can know who to watch when the competition starts.

Counter Logic Gaming

Roster and Roles:

  • HotshotGG: Bruisers/Ability Power Carry
  • Chauster: Support
  • BigFatLP: Ability Power Carry
  • Doublelift: Attack Damage Carry
  • Saintvicious: Jungler/Tank

Currently the number one seed on the Intel Extreme Masters rankings, as well as tied for first in the North American Challenger Circuit, Counter Logic Gaming is a clear favorite to making it out of Group A and potentially to the finals of the tournament. The team showed impressive skill during the Curse Invitational, and have more experience playing against the Chinese teams than any other team at the event.


Roster and Roles:

  • Shushei: Ability Power Carry or Assassins
  • Mellisan: Support
  • xPeke: Ability Power Carry or Bruisers
  • Lamia: Attack Damage Carry
  • Cyanide: Jungler/Tank

The Season One Champions are back, but whether they’ll have a good performance at the tournament is up for debate. Recently the team has had poorer than expected results at online tournaments. However, the team is legendary for being able to perform in a live event environment: at their last live event, IntelEM New York, they didn’t lose a single game.

World Elite

Roster and Roles:

  • Misaya CN: Ability Power Carry
  • Furrystyle: Attack Damage Carry
  • Only play top: Bruisers/Assassins
  • Woyichoasen: Support
  • CallMeMTa: Jungler/Tank

The winners of IntelEM Guangzhou are returning for their next chance of success on an international stage. The team frequently plays on the North American ranked teams ladder, currently sitting in the top 30. World Elite is known for their aggressive play and somewhat unusual champion picks, like support Jarvan IV.

Team Dignitas

Roster and Roles:

  • Voyboy: Bruisers/Assassins
  • Scarra: Ability Power Carry
  • L0CUST: Support
  • Imaqtpie: Attack Damage Carry
  • I Will Dominate: Jungler/Tank

Dignitas enters the tournament with momentum since their third place finish at IntelEM Kiev. The team most recently won the Curse Invitational qualifier in some very challenging matches against Counter Logic Gaming. Currently 3rd on the North American Challenger Circuit, a win at Hannover would put them in a convincing 1st place position.


Roster and Roles:

  • Kujaa: Support
  • HawkDon: Ability Power Carry
  • Enigmz: Jungler/Tank
  • Haydal: Bruisers
  • Hmmer: Attack Damage Carry

Though Team Millenium did well during the first half of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge series, the roster the team brings to Hannover is very different from the team which started off the season. Only Kujaa remains from the original line up. However, though the roster is new, they’ve risen through the ranks on the ranked 5v5 team ladder in EU West very quickly, currently sitting in the top 20.

Invictus Gaming:

Roster and Roles:

  • Wh1t3zZ: Ability Power Carry
  • ChrIs: Support
  • XiaoXiao: Bruisers
  • illusion: Jungler/Tank
  • MikakoTabe: Attack Damage Carry

Invictus Gaming last played on an international stage during the World Cyber Games Grand Final, where they lost to Counter Logic Gaming Canada in the Round of Eight. Unlike the other Chinese teams at the World Championship, iG has been relatively inactive on the North American servers. Invictus will be an unknown challenge for the North American and European teams at Hannover.

The top three teams from each group will advance in the tournament, with the first place team in the group going straight to the Semi-Finals. Next week, we’ll be going over the teams from Group B. Be sure to check out the competitive site March 6th for the latest coverage from the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.

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