More and more League of Legends teams are signing up for the National ESL Go4LoL Tournament Series each and every week! Celebrating its 50th installment in North American and 78th installment in Europe this week, the popular tournament series hosted over 800 League of Legends teams this past weekend, including 499 teams in EU West alone! That’s more than 4,000 total competitors including many Challenger Circuit contenders such as FnaticRC, Moscow 5 and Team Solo Mid.

Featuring cash prizes, Go4LoL takes place each Sunday on the NA, EU West and EU Nordic & East platforms, and is open enrollment for any League of Legends team interested in competing. Most high profile teams kick-started their careers by taking part in these exciting events, and many of these top contenders still turn out each week to compete against the up and coming teams. Come test your skills in the ultimate League of Legends proving ground by signing your team up for Go4LoL this Sunday, the 19th of February!

Sign up for Go4LoL #50 in North America here!

Sign up for Go4LoL #78 in Europe here!

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