A King is Crowned in Europe

Over the past week, Chips & Noi, two popular French shoutcasters, hosted one of the most watched online League of Legends tournaments in history. Featuring eight of the best teams in Europe, the tournament featured casting in both French and English and saw some incredible matches. Over 90,000 people in both languages tuned into the finals, where IntelEM Kiev winners Moscow Five faced off against newcomer CLG.eu. During some of the closest matches seen in a recent League of Legends tournament, CLG.eu pulled off a victory 2-1 against Moscow Five.

If you missed any of the action, check out either the Chips & Noi YouTube channel for the French cast, or Deman’s YouTube channel for English casting by Deman and ex-Dignitas member Jatt.

Curse faces RFLX in the IPL Killing Spree

With Curse back from Kiev, they’re ready for the next round of the IPL Killing Spree. Tonight at 5:00 PM Pacific time, IPL will be broadcasting the match. Watch it casted live on IPL’s League of Legends Twitch.tv channel. If you’ve missed any of the previous broadcasts, check out the IPL League of Legends YouTube channel for VODs of each match.