Greetings summoners!

The IGN Pro League continues to turn out high-quality content covering the most exciting moments of competitive League of Legends play. If you haven’t caught one of their livestreams or YouTube videos yet, you’ll have new chances this week to see what you’ve been missing.

The IGN Pro League streams their Killing Spree feature every Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (01:00 UK Time). Killing Spree features full-length match ups between top-caliber teams. Commentators like HatPerson and TheRedBaron cover every moment of the action on the field, with guest commentary from League of Legends pros like Dan Dinh from Epik and Chauster from Counter Logic Gaming.

As if weekly throwdowns weren’t enough, the IGN Pro League is also streaming the online qualifiers that determine which teams will join Dignitas, Epik, TSM and at IPL 4 LAN event in Las Vegas, NV. Coverage includes the Round of 8, the Semifinal matches, and the Grand Finale on Sunday. Coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (17:00 UK Time) on both Saturday, February 25th and Sunday, February 26th.

The IGN Pro League also contains coverage of past Killing Sprees and player interviews as well as other awesome videos for League of Legends fans. Check out some of their recent highlights below:

Chauster Interview: Counter to Everything

Top Five Plays: Episode One

Learn 2 Play: Episode Two featuring Elementz

Dan Dinh Interview: Family DINHisty

Stay tuned for more info on the IGN Pro League and don’t forget to tune in!

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